How long will it take for my images to be ready?

  • A typical session will normally take me anywhere from 2-4 weeks to be completely done with.  I always strive to have each session done as quickly as possible but since I take my time making sure each image is the best it can be, this isn't a process I will rush through.  
  • I also work a full time job out of the home and have 3 active kids.  I do my best to balance it all but sometimes life happens.  In the event it is going to take me longer then I expected, I will be sure to communicate that with you.


Will I see any of my images before they are all done?

  • Yes, I try to post at least 1 or 2 images on my facebook page as a sneak peek.  I know how it feels to be waiting for images, you are just so excited to see them and I am so excited to share them with you!


How long will it take to receive my print order?

  • Once you place your print or product order, I will submit the order to my lab within the next 24-48 hours.  
  • Depending on the type of products ordered, many are ready for shipping the next day or within 3 days.
  • Once I receive your order, I will check it all for quality and correctness.
  • I will package your order and contact you to find out the best time to deliver your gorgeous art!
  • I will be in contact with you each step of the way to give you updates.


What can I do with my digital files that I purchase?

  • If you purchase the digital package or individual digital files, you will also be given a print release.
  • The print release allows you to print any size image and as many as you want of each digital image purchased.
  • These prints are for personal use ONLY!  
  • You can not use the digital files to enter a contest, give to another busniess for advertising or use in your own business for advertising.  


What is the difference between a web sharing digital vs. a regular digital file?

  • Because I want your images to look the best they can, I provide the option for a web sharing gallery or file.  
  • A Websharing gallery or a web sharing file are your digital files, sized and sharpened specifically for how they will be used online.  
  • Facebook for example will take a full size file and compress it making the colors and quality not their best.  When you use the web sharing file instead, I have already taken this compression into consideration and your files will look beautiful when you share them on line!
  • Full size digital files are available for individual purchase or as a part of a package.
  • Web sharing files are provided with each print/product purchase using that image.  They are also available for purchase al a carte. 


I need more prints, how do I order more?

  • So, you already placed your order, received it and decide you need more.  What do you do?
  • I will save and back up all the edited session images.  
  • Contact me to place a new order any time!


Can I scan in my purchased prints to make more copies for my family and friends?

  • NO!  This is against the law.  
  • When you purchase a print, you now own a piece of art for your home.  However, Melanie Joy Photography owns the copyright of those images.
  • You may NOT scan the image to share on line.  A watermarked/web sharing file will be provided for each image ordered as a print. That way you can share the image the way it was intended to look and show your friends and family your new photos.
  • You man NOT scan the image in to make more pictures from it.  Please contact me to order additional prints.